Delayed Tick Population Model with Sub-linear Gamma-Ricker Nonlinearities


主讲人:黄创霞 长沙理工大学教授


地点:Tencent会议 887 216 190


主讲人先容:黄创霞,博士,二级教授,博士生导师,长沙理工大学副校长,主要从事时滞微分方程等领域的研究。主持国家自科面上项目2项、青年项目1项,湖南省杰青等省部级课题10余项,以第一编辑在Journal of Differential Equations, Nonlinearity等期刊发表SCI收录论文50余篇,获湖南省政府特殊津贴(2019), 湖南省“芙蓉学者奖励计划”青年学者人选(2019),湖南省第二届“优秀研究生导师”(2021),入选科睿唯安“全球高被引科学家”榜单(2021, 2022)、爱思唯尔(Elsevier)中国高被引学者榜单(2020,2021)。

内容先容:Taking into account that some eggs accomplish the evolutionary process via standard developmental delay and the rest with diapause-induced delay in the tick life cycle, we establish a general framework for modeling by introducing two delays. We also generalize the reproductive function from the Ricker-type to the Gamma-Ricker-type. This model has always one and only one positive equilibrium. Here we develop sharp conditions for this model to exhibit persistence and global convergence behaviors.

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